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Josie Gibson Diet: Love Food Stay Slim :- Book!

The Josie Gibson Diet: Love Food, Stay Slim [Paperback] Josie Gibson (Author) Publication Date: 02-Jan-2014 Pre-order Here Josie will guide you through a simple plan for losing weight based on the natural food we should be eating, with many recipes and lots of tips to keep you motivated, its an funny cringe worthy read advise on exercise and most of all inspirational, . panmacmillan.com

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What's It All About? An honest, funny and easy to follow diet by Josie Gibson - a former fat bird who is living proof that it works. Josie Gibson lost over 5 stone in 6 months, going from a size 20 to a 10. The woman once known as 'that fat bird who won Big Brother' turned into a slinky mare when she finally took a long hard look at the rubbish she was eating and worked out a healthy diet that changed her life. It can change yours too. Josie guides us through a simple plan for losing weight, based on the natural food we should be eating, with delicious recipes and meal plans to get started. There are lots of tips on staying motivated, all drawn from Josie's own experiences the hilarious, the cringeworthy and the inspirational. She also gives advice on exercise, on adapting to the slim new you and most importantly on how to avoid falling off the wagon. As Josie says, 'If I can do it, then so can you. It's never too late and you're never too fat. So what are you waiting for?'

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